Saturday, May 20, 2006


The Problem With Parenting ,,, Other Parents!

By Golly!I have got it!
The problem and pain that comes along with teen parenting is, (drum roll please) OTHER PARENTS!!!

I am so angry right now I could just bust, the skinny (which will not be I am sure after starting this venting blog)is that my sixteen year old daughter and two of her girlfriends sneaked out of the house of one of these friends last night. Now, I am a very young parent comparatively so you would think I would be the most "kewlest" easy going, NO! I was raised in the Midwest and in the country, sure we cow tipped now and then, (wow, my humor is coming back, I love blogging) anyhow, my daughter did this three weekends ago prior with the same girls at the same house. My daughter is a good student at a private school here in the USVI, we moved here almost two years ago and she managed to find her "groove" pretty easily and fast, class secretary first year and cheerleader.
Being on the islands is wonderful but can be unsafe with all the tourists and so forth for sixteen year old girls, so her curfew is 11:30 p.m. which is usually really 12:00 by the time she gets home. Her best friends parents have worked with my husband and I on issues and grounding with the girls, which makes it nice because they have the same ill effects or shall I say consequences as one another so it is not such a lonely state for either of them when in trouble. Now, other parents of the group of girls they "hang" with (there is about seven total) have other rules such as going to the local bar until 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. to dance, Oh yes if you are all wondering , Bar??? Yes a bar, the drinking age here is 18 so if you are a girl who looks it or have a sister that is, your in! (by the way, did I mention the girls went to a bar last night?) anyway, most of you will probably say just do not allow it, I agree, and that is why I have not.
Basically what I am VERY irritated at is that these other parents do NOT parent which makes my job beyond hard and is really an injustice to the children in many ways, it is so funny because I would label many of these women who are the mothers of these girls liberal thinking and feminist driven, which means of course they hate child abusers, but that is exactly what they are doing by not parenting and allowing this type of unsafe behavior for their young daughters. I tell my husband that these are the EXACT same type of women who you see on the news most of the time saying to the reporter "I do not know why she is missing or how this could happen? Or why she got killed or raped" ok, need I say more?
I do not know why it is becoming such a practice to let teens walk all over the parents or allow them to have the run of the house and rules, when did this happen? And why? (Of course I have my reasons which I will happily share later)
When I was in high school, I had to be in at 11:30 except on special occasions like prom,a late b-day party,holiday dances etc,,, and I sure in the heck did NOT get to bar-hop at sixteen, or seventeen, or eighteen, or well, I have been married and have had kids since I was nineteen, so you do the figuring. Not much time between babies, cleaning, diapers, husband in a war and so forth for bar hopping at any age.
I always wondered what it meant when I was younger and heard the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child" I know now. I wish it was practiced in today's day and age, if these other parents would provide some rules and discipline for their girls who are the peers and friends of one another, my daughter and her best friend wouldn't always be putting themselves in unsafe situations to be part of the gang, and yes it is important to be part of the gang for those of you out there like my husband who says it doesn't really matter, unfortunately at that age, it does.
By the way, these parents are very wealthy, educated people, so this is not some kind of social economic issue, in fact if anything, it is just pure spoiledness on the girls part and pure lazy parenting on the parents part. The "village" where I was raised were all pretty much in agreement, the parents were all about the same in their rules (in fact often times my friends and I wondered when it was our parents got together and devised these horrible rules). My friends and I all new the basics, do the best you can in school, love God and your country, try to live by the golden rule, feed the dog, be respectful to your parents and even more respectful to other peoples parents, respect and help out the elderly, do NOT sneak out, do not drink and drive, do not smoke anything that doesn't grow in the neighbors back yard, you get it,,,,
A majority of today's parents have no clue when I speak such things, even when I do it with humor, what is with that? I am done venting for now, but if ANYONE out there has a clue or would just like to comment, please do so and please know that it will be very important as I will be having my daughter see what the rest of the "Village" has to say ,,,,,,,, God bless and good parenting!

Friday, May 19, 2006


Arkansas Politicians Handbook Malfunction

So here it is, a Mayor in Waldron Ark has exchanged sex from women with late water bills, how smart is this ??? Pretty darn smart I would say, he has been doing it now for atleast eight to ten years with one woman the AP reports. This same woman is the one who secretly wore a recording device a couple of months ago and nabbed the poor mayor, geez, I wonder where she was hiding that recording device?
AP reports that the ole guy is going to get "charged with abusing the public trust and patronizing a prostitute". Now, I would like to know what this woman and the other women who were doing this with him are going to get? Obviously as we can see they have performed their community service, so maybe jail time is in order for manipulating and ripping off a public service utility. I am sure that once again we will see the "Victims" as being just these women and not the mayor, after all I am sure some woman's TV network will bring us the weekly feature with some name like " She did IT for water"
With any luck the Mayor may get a slap on the wrist (which I suggest) and a few good dates from some senior local singles. Isn't this just a post leadership malfunction from the notes taken from the desk of Governor Clinton, has anyone seen that blue dress lately?
I had read a couple of weeks ago about a doctor(who actually was a guy working for a courier service) going door to door to perform breast exams, another smart guy, I actually have to give this one credit, even being a woman! Laughing and feeling a bit proud of this guy I cannot stress enough to all of you women out there ,,,,,
THINK, THINK, THINK!!! Oh, and by the way, your NOT victims, your idiots! Well, gotta go for now, I am heading out to go "snipe" hunting, as my uncle would say!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


What happened with the boys in St.Louis?

I have started this blog about things that get "up my skirt". You know, issues that tick me off, get me goin, that type of thing. I didn't really know what to start with since I have a large number of issues that fit into that category. My past work has been in broadcasting and I am married to a broadcaster, so I have had a history with dealing with issues and news stories. When one is "on air" you do not always get to express your own opinion so there are many times you have to sit there and "take it". I have a feeling blogging will be very good for me in many ways!
So, what did happen with the school boys in St.Louis? Most reports just tell us about their punishment but do not even let the public know what it is that exactly happened, I have read that the girl was not physically harmed, but yet papers and news reports say that she was sexually assaulted,,,,,,,, uhmmmmmmmm......
One CNN story I read quoted a Mr. Creg Williams who is superintendent of that school as to saying "We don't know what type of emotional scars it will have on the young lady".
I would like to know if anyone out there is saying such things about these boys, and if the school and public officials will not tell us what has happened I am going to have to assume it was not all that bad of a situation, after all, it was on a playground and the boys were all 6-8 years in age. If the adults over seeing this situation are treating these young boys like adults, then the story in detail should be released into the public for their peers to judge, don't ya think???
Sorry to disappoint anyone out there if they do not agree with me, but this little lady is going to take one for the boys this time, you know what they say,,,, boys will be boys!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Hello All !

Just decided to check into the bloggers world and found this GREAT site! I am a bit tired right now but will post back tomorrow, I intend for this to be a place to vent about this lil' ladies issues that get up my skirt! welcome all and I will be back soon!

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